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Some more from my cycling egroup

Member A:

Is there some pooja to avoid being hit by vehicles? Last one month I
have had 4 accidents on bangalore roads, none serious though

Member B:

We should all seriously consider performing Mrityunjaya homa (for long life), Kala-sarpa dosha homa (if you have killed a snake in this or a prior life), Nava-graha homa (if saturn/shani is in the wrong house in your horoscope), and most importantly tie the following in front of your bike:

* an alum stone,
* a pumpkin with the face of a demon to remove nazar/evil eye
* a lemon
* a green chilly
* a coconut
* a snake gourd (have not seen this one, but what the heck if you have all the above what harm will a snake gourd do, right?)

After doing all of the above, please make sure you get a monthly Volvo bus pass and travel on it very frequently. Live happily :-)
Tags: cycling, egroup, evil eye, humour, puja

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