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zarA sI Ahat

Priya Rajvansh...a beautiful woman.

Lata Mangeshkar....a wonderful voice.

Madan Mohan....a superb music composer.

I could listen to this all day...and sometimes, I do.

The lyrics:

zarA sI Ahat hOthI hai thO dil sochtA hai
kahIn yEh wOh thO nahIn (3)

chhup kE seenE mEin..


chhup kE seenE mEin kOi jaise sadA dEthA hai
shAm sE pehlE diyA dil kA jalA dEthA hai
hai usI kI yEh sadA, hai UsI KI yEh adA
kahin yEh vOh thO nahIn (3)

shakl phirtI hai,

Aaa Aa

shakl phirtI hai...nigAhOn mEin vohi pyArI sI
meri nas nas mEin machalnE lagI chingArI sI
chhoo gayI jism mErA... kiskE dAman kI hawA?

kahIn yEh wOh thO nahIn (3)

zarA sI Ahat hOthI hai thO dil sochtA hai
kahIn yEh wOh thO nahIn (3)

If there is a slight sound..
The heart wonders, "Isn't this the one?"

No. I'm going to stop here as I can't get the *right* words.

Hey...I want a good translation of this, please, can someone help?

And as an aside...I wonder what the actress looks like today?

Haqeeqat ("reality")

was made in 1964!
Tags: classical, hindi, movie, old, song, translation, video

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