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From the film "Fanaa" exercise on the internet

I got this gem from the film "Fanaa", and used Quillpad to write it out in Devanagari script:

बेखुदी का जीवन हम जिया नहीं करते

जाम दूसरों के छीनकर पीया नहीं करते

उनको मोहब्बत है तो आकर इश्हार करें...

पीछा हम भी किसी का किया नहीं करते

Then, of course, I transliterated it in my own phonetic Roman script:

bEkhudi kA jeevan ham jiyA nahin karthE

jAm doosrOn kE cheenkar piyA nahin karthE

unkO mohabbat hai thO Akar ishAr karEn...

peechhA ham bhi kisee kA kiyA nahin karthE

Here's the rough meaning:

I(the polite form being 'we') do not live a senseless life;
I don't snatch others' liquor and drink;
If she loves me, let her come and show it..
I don't go chasing anyone.

Then I went to Google translate...and got this:

Senselessness of the life we do not live

Others do not drink drink snatched

Eshar come to love them so ...

We do not have anyone to chase

....I am still laughing!
Tags: hindi, humour, poetry, shairi, translation, urdu

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