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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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The Vasantha Vallbha rAya swAmi temple, Vasantapura, Bangalore
Tbanks to Karthik and Priya....and especially to Karthik's mother,Smt Saraswathi.... I visited this wonderful old temple yesterday.

click here to see it

Here's the short video I took, where the priest is chanting the lineage of the Goddess:

What a wonderful city I live in.... that has so many jewels tucked away here and there!

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It is indeed a jewel! I will have to do some studying about hinduism as through your posts I can see how woefully ignorant I am bout your part of the world.

Oh, we are all equally ignorant about parts of the world other than the one we live in, and I'm afraid, even there, my knowledge isn't great!

The temple looks great, Deepa. Reminds me of the Ranganatha Swamy temple at Sri Rangapatnam near Mysore.


I can take your mother, Pooh and you there one day if you like!

Many days since i visited Valley School.. must go sometime...

The Study Centre gate is locked now :(

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