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Adding to Shyamal's Chucklist of Birds....

I had made

this post

about the chucklist of birds that Shyamal had sent to the bngbirds egroup on April 1.

Here are my additions, including some gems gleaned from INW:

Bird-eater Flycatcher
Crested Shirt Pant Eagle
Boothed Eagle
Pale-build Flour Packer
Wholly Naked Stork
White-chicked Barbet
Sport-Build Duck
Grinnish Leaf Wobbler
Jerdon's Bushlock
Red-bumped Swallow
Stork-killed Wingkisser
Grey Franklin
Short Toad Snack Eagle
Broad -assed Tailbird
Indian Curser
Brahminy Sterling
Whiter Less-fronted Ghoos
Egyptian Culture
Paddy filed Pippette
Great Indian Bastard
Eurasian Cola Dough
Jingle Foul
Malabar Grey Horrible
Open-bulled Stock
Tickled Blue Liecatcher
Jordan's Baja
Pie-eyed Wagtail
Kneel Grease Plycatcher
Panted Bush Quill
Barn Howl
Sore-ass Crane
Loo-faced Malpoa

Please add to the list....

Update: Painted stroke:
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