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My thoughts on the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival, 2010

click here to read it online at Citizen Matters

To write this short article, I had to:

1. attend about 80% of the performances, including the platform performances, spending several hours at Ranga Shankara;

2. take about 35 photographs

I got harassed by various Ranga Shankara volunteers about "photography is not allowed" though I did have permission to photograph if I did not use a flash.

Out of these images, a few have been used in the online version and two in the print edition.

It's lucky that I am very intersted in theatre; the average newspaper reporter would obviously have been bored to death, which is why, I suppose, the normal writeups are often full of inaccuracies...
Tags: article, citizen matters, festivals, photography, theatre, writing

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