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deponti to the world

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Air Show, Yelahanka, 2006
Lovely tricolour display by the Surya Kiran (Rays of the Sun) aircraft of the IAF! This is one show we never miss...

airshow 389

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Another photo by K. Mohan? These birds have spectacular plummage and fly together so well!

Oh, thank you, the answer is yes! All pics on my LJ unless otherwise specified are by just one photographer.

Your reply reminds me of the time we were going on a nature trail during the Naturalists' Training Course. A fellow-student pointed into the sky, where a jet belonging to Kingfisher Airlines was climbing. "There goes a kingfisher," he quipped, "with other colourful birds inside it!"

The switch in mood...I was about to post the picture on LJ when my brain started thinking thoughts about hardship...so I decided to post them both!

coming from you, that's a compliment indeed! Thank you! Compliment will be conveyed to concerned party...you must come over and meet him (he loves talking Camerese with another photographer!)

hehe .. will be coming to ur house sometime next week , would be awesome to meet mohan. I need to learn lots from him :).

When did this happen ? And till when is it open ?

it's an event which takes place for 3 days in January every year.

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