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The Business Standard Crossword Again....

crswd 241110

Today, KM pinched the Deccan Herald first (I usually read the paper, finish the crossword and give it to him to take on the drive to Hosur.), while Skyping with KTB, I decided to try my hand at the BS (well-named!)

cryptic crossword

again. I don't want to say I don't like because I can't do it! So I did complete it, but still feel that the answers are not really great...what on earth is that "Twofold Yap" (9 across)? I *know* it is the answer, but it makes no sense to me.

However, I *am* satisfied that I can complete, I am introspecting to see whether this is an egoistic feeling...
Tags: bangalore, crosswords, difficulties, enjoyment, photography, word puzzles

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