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The Death of Love

Today, the young woman of the couple I'd talked about met me for a while. She is not over her pain in the least...but hope of a reconciliation are receding to the point of non-existence. She feels that if there had been an actual other woman, she might have been to bear it better, rather than feel that her husband just lost interest in her. Today she talked about their early days together, when he'd said they'd be friends forever. And she wept for what had been. The husband now says he is not even particularly interested in divorce; but she says that a marriage without love is truly ended.

After spending some time with her, these were the words that came into my mind:

Did our love wither so fast, in your mind,
That we can no longer be even friends?
You used the word, "forever"...
Is this (so quickly) when forever ends?

The light of our love lit my pathways,
Its warmth comforted my life.
Today, I look at its ashes:
When I'm not loved, I'm no longer your wife.

Whatever the law says, our ties
Were forged at first, from the heart.
The law may keep us together...
But without love...we are apart.

How, I wonder, did love die,
That once burnt so brightly in you?
Why, when I continue to feel its glow,
Can you not feel it, too?

Preparing to live without love
Is the most difficult thing I've had to do.
Instead of the fire of your love,
I have cold ashes...memories of you.
Tags: couple, death, love, poem, sadness, verse

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