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Ragihalli/Shivanahalli....the places,people, and plants, 2711110

Hrishikesh, Prajakta, Tharangini and I (that's alphabetical order!) formed a nice NTP group on Saturday. Here they are:

hrishikesh, prajakta, tharangini 271110 ragihalli

On our way to the Ragihalli Reserve Forest and beyond (we spent the last half an hour of our birding at Shivanahalli Ashram), our first stop was this small shrine under a large


shree om temple 271110

It was lovely, coming from a city where trees are getting chopped by the hundreds, to see a tree being venerated:

peepal tree 2711110

This was where we saw our "Yellow Birds Congregation" and the Spotted Owlets. We next stopped at the Ragihalli Sheet Rock, about 7km from Bannerghatta:

bg 7 km sign sheet rock 271110

This was where we saw the Egyptian Vulture and a Shikra as well, and near it, on our way back, the other raptors, too.

Here's the sign for Ragihalli village:

ragihalli sign 271110

We stopped for a leisurely breakfast at

my usual "lady's restaurant" in Ragihalli

and I wanted to show the beauty of this palm-thatch decoration, cleverly held up by poles set in sacks of sand:

thatch 271110 rghli

Our last stop was in Shivanahalli:

shivanahalli sign 271110

we visited the Shivanahalli Ramakrishna Ashram, where the Tickell's Blue Flycatcher and the Asian Paradise Flycatcher quickly rewarded us, and I had a

Commander quite literally at my feet!

ramakrishna ashram 271110

The Ashram gate was locked:

gap in gate 271110

and though there WAS a way of getting around the gate, this is the way all the children got way of a narrow gap!

through the gap 271110

I want to include two wildflowers, for which I am hoping for help on the id:

sothern star 271110

tiny pink wldflwr rghli 2711110
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