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Cow rescue

You never know what will happen on a nature trail. Today four of us went to Gulakmale, and we....rescued...or should I say excavated....a cow.

Hrishikesh and Shreeram found that on the drying, very muddy lake bed, a cow had got deeply mired in a crevice into which she had fallen.

cow rescue 3 041210

She was mooing, and we realized that she'd been there for quite a long time; she appeared quite exhausted, and we also knew we could not get her out ourselves.

So we went to the main road, where there was a small temple, and some of the villagers promptly came over; though they didn't have a rope, which I thought we needed, some muscle power on the part of a villager and Hrishikesh, got her out of the deep mud:

cow rescue 2 041210

As far as we could see, one hind leg appeared to be broken, and she lay there, quite spent, unable to get up at all. We got some water from the car, sprinkled a little on her face, though she would not drink any; the villagers promptly called up the vet (quite a rarity in our villages, this was quite miraculous!) who said he would be coming shortly.

cow rescue 1 041210

Apparently he was due in any case, to look at some farm animals, so, on the assurance that he was on his way, we left, feeling quite happy that we'd been able to help....

I hope that cow recovered from her ordeal!

To think that I attended a snake rescue workshop, and I get to participate in a cow rescue!
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