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My kApi

On a mailing list I belong to, someone asked:

Can the 'fresh brewer' experts recommend a reasonably priced (<$1000)
> coffee machine? One that makes 2-3 cups ber brew.

My response:

I find that a

Vietnamese coffee filter

has some of the features my south Indian coffee filter lacks (bakelite handles to lift the hot top container off, a plate to rest on the glass into which the decoction will drip), and packed with

2. my nice freshly-bought coffee powder....secret ingredient: the Cotha's coffee factory is a few doors away, and grinds fresh coffee powder at about 2pm....

(that's also the reason my

darshini, Park View

has excellent coffee in those lovely thimble-size "baitu" steel tumblers )

where was I....oh, yes, I am very happy with my coffee, . That filter delivers enough for one or two cups of coffee, African (black) or Eurasian (brown, mixed with milk.)
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