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Friends, and the unexpected things they bring into your life....

I never, ever, play video games, so I have zilch knowledge about them. But recently, Chandan posted (on Google Buzz) about loving this piece of music which is the theme of a video game called Civilization:

and then, he found that it's been nominated for two Grammy awards!

I also rarely see the sequels to movies, and though I saw the Lion King, I didn't get around to watching Lion King II:

here's another version of the song, with subtitles....the words must surely be very familiar to most of us:

Here's the wiki about

Christopher Tin, the composer .

The Lord's Prayer in Swahili! If not for this friend of mine, how would I ever have come across this? What lovely, inspiring music it is!

Thank you, Chandan. I'm grateful I have friends like you.
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