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Valley School....181210 One image, and a link to the other pics.

This tiny nymph was an incredibly beautiful sample of the lovely things we saw at Valley School today....

un id nymph vs 181210

Since I am off to Jigani Lake tomorrow for the 3rd Sunday bngbirds outing, please do look at the other pics (including some delightful children, and Anand photographing them as the boys splashed around in the pond!)


Here is a short video of the White-browed Bulbul calling:

It was amazing to see a White-cheeked Barbet, pecking at the wood of the tree-trunk exactly like a Woodpecker!

We watched two of those blue-jewel kingfishers fishing for a while, and could not photograph the full-tail white Asian Paradise Flycatcher that we saw. Anand is an excellent photographer with a top-of-the-line camera (Nikon D90) and I am waiting for his images (he's got the tiny spines on the antennae of that nymph above, can you beat that!)



is the link to that photograph!

While we were there, I met Mr Murali Menon, whom I'd last met when I went with the Valley School children to BR Hills...and I was told that at the presentation that the schoolchildren made, yesterday of the trip, they talked about Chandu and me!

A final and wonderful thing happened in the evening, that will be the next post....
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