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Waking up at 4am used to be part of the bad ship I N S Omnia. I could neither go back to sleep, nor could I do anything "useful and productive".

But that has changed. No...I still tend to wake up at odd times. But now, since I go birding anyway, I use the time to listen to some quiet music...or look at my is such a quiet, reflective time, and though I may be tired out by 8pm, this morning calmness does recharge me. (I hardly ever nap in the afternoon.)

In I made some nice (even if I say so myself) bisi belA huLi annA for my friends, and have packed it all up!

No wonder Dawn..or a popular name for women. Is there a male version of Dawn, I wonder?

Off to Makalidurga shortly.

This post is dedicated to a dear friend in St.Louis, Dawn Kimberling. :)
Tags: birding, cooking, happiness, time

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