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K. Gudi Camp....

This time, I must say, I am rather disappointed with the K.Gudi camp of JLR. They have (for the first time) hiked up prices for the holiday season...and yet, there is just a trickle of water coming from the taps in the bathroom, and there is no hot water....

But oh well, sightings this evening weren't too bad...we saw a large herd of Gaur, several Barking Deer, a Malabar Giant Squirrel, several Wild Boar with fearsome tusks (not the scavengers at the campus!), and Chital stags with lovely antlers....

Within half an hour, sighted about 20 species of birds around the Gol Ghar!

OK, others are waiting for the data card, so more later....
Tags: birding, br hills, jlr, k gudi, wildlife

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