deponti (deponti) wrote,

Crested Serpent Eagle...the dry-wing look!

When, from the safari jeep, I first sighted this Crested "Shirt Pant" Eagle, I couldn't even understand what I was seeing...took me a few seconds to realize that the bird had its wing open this way!

cse 281210

Am quite busy with family and shopping and stuff right just doesn't do to try and do other things when family is visiting, and has a large number of to-dos on the list! are two images that I like....

one for asakiyume

sunrise brh 281210

of a lovely sunrise....and the other, the light through the mist and the smoke, just outside the JLR campus:

tree light 281210 brh
Tags: birding, br hills, crested serpent eagle, families, jlr, k gudi, karnataka, light, photography, scenery, sunrise, travel, tree, wildlife

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