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How the day can change...

Had been to Manchinbele with the BULBs, and it was a very enjoyable outing. On the way back, however, I got the news that some neighbours of ours, who live three doors away, had a major setback..the husband, who was 65, collapsed after a massive heart attack, and passed away. The wife is nearly 60.

We do not know the couple very well, but they are close friends of several other close friends of ours, who are driving down from Chennai to be with them at this awful time. I went to visit, and the raw sorrow of the lady moved me to tears, and sits now like a shroud upon my heart. I cannot help wondering...the couple were just a few years older than us...why were we spared today, why did death decide to visit them? Will such a day also dawn in my life?

Once again, it was brought home to fleeting and fragile our lives are, and yet, how much we take it for granted that we will be around, today, tomorrow, and the day after....

Two visitors walked in, to reciprocate the New Year wishes that the husband had sent; the shock they felt was quite palpable. It all added to the lady's grief....

It's sadness that shouldn't really be touching my life or heart, but it does.
Tags: bereavement, death, life, musing, thoughts

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