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Big relief....

Have been trying not to be worried over KTB's surgery, to remove her badly infected adenoids....but am vastly relieved now that it's over, and it went well. The surgeon's report was that the adenoids were badly infected, her ears were "quite abnormal" in terms of infection, and must have been affecting her hearing.

The main worry was not so much the surgical procedure as the anaesthesia for a 1.5 year old. My own daughter went through the same surgery, 27 years ago...then, though the infected adenoids were diagnosed at age 3, we had to wait until she was 5, as only emergency and unavoidable surgery was carried out on children below that age.

KTB's now sleeping off the anaesthetic in faraway St.Louis, with her parents and her Nanna to watch over her.....

Hopefully, I'll soon get some pictures of her, taken in Maine during Christmas, and will have some to post here, after a long time.
Tags: daughter, families, grand, relief, st louis, surgery, worries

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