deponti (deponti) wrote,

Such a selfish species!

I was listening to both Hindi and Tamizh old movie songs (B4U and then Jaya TV) and one thing struck me.....why do we think all of Nature seems to be for our benefit, and subservient to us?

The clouds must listen to us ("Odum mEghangaLE oru sol kELeerO"), the birds must bear our messges to our loved ones ("bolE rE papiharA") , the sun, moon and wind must wax, wane, appear or disappear according to our moods ("nALai intha vELai pArtthu Odi vA nilA"), or the beauty of the beloved ("chAnd AhEin bharEgA, phool dil thAm lEngE"_ the whole world of Nature is created for US ("inda bhoomi pirandathu enakkAga")....why do we have to make Creation so human-centric? No wonder conservation efforts are a drop in the ocean!

Thankfully, this song just describes Spring without connecting it too much with humans:

Tags: conservation, hindi, human behaviour, movie, music, musing, songs, tamizh, thoughts

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