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New Units of Indian Currency, Invented by Prithvi Haldea

My friend has invented new units of Indian currency. Here's his email:

"The large amounts mentioned in the scams have given me an idea for new words to refer to large numbers - such as
Rs 1,00,000 crores = Rs 1 Raja
Rs. 10,000 crores = Rs 1 Radia
Rs 1,000 crores = Rs 1 Kalmadi

"It will be easier to converse and comprehend large numbers. A few examples:
Anil Bhai’s new home in Pali Hill will cost Rs 4.5 Kalmadis
ONGC’s annual output is Rs 1.2 Raja
India’s loss in G2/G3 scam is about Rs 1.7 Raja
India’s total annual subsidy on Kerosene is Rs 2 Radias
Poor Pramod Mahajan left behind only Rs 1.4 Kalmadi

"Wonder if I can claim a patent on it. But I guess in the larger interest of mankind, I will publicise it for free!! Three cheers for Raja, Radia and Kalmadi."

What I say is....Three raja radia kalmadi cheers to Prithvi for thinking of this!
Tags: corruption, humour, india, politicians

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