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TII..Totally Irrelevant Info

I have 777 emails in my inbox.

Today is 11.1.11 )(or 1.11.11 in the US.)

I really can never understand the fascination of these kind of "figures" trivia...but thought I must also post something like this, just to be "cool"!

Someone who used to be close to me (would call up several times a day and email me!) now seems to detest me so much that when I joined her to form a team on Sunday (at our monthly QuizFamilies meet) she would not tell me the answers she knew, would not discuss any of the questions with me...and moved, midway through the quiz, to another team!

When, at the end of the evening, I asked her what was wrong, she said, "You make enough noise for 20 people," later amending the statement to "50 people". She knew this when she was friends with me...but when did it start offending her so much? doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would, though it certainly did spoil the quiz a bit!
Tags: change, death, families, friends, information, quiz, relationships

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