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Someone made me laugh about his heart attack....
There is nothing that cannot be faced with a little humour, as this wonderful account by Dr Kishore Shah, a renowned Gynecologist practicing in Pune, proves. I got this as a forward...but it's too good not to be documented!

The following article is in his own words about the "MI" (myocardial
infarction-heart attack) he had suffered few days back.

" I suffered a heart attack about 5 days ago. Here is my account of
what happened:

As I was rushed to the Cardiac ICU, I just had this sinking feeling
in my heart. Just like the one before you enter the Viva Voce hall and
see the most khadoos examiner in place, only worse.

The resident there was quite courteous, "Sir, How are you feeling?"

I looked at him groggily and whispered, "Just like Rakhi Sawant (a Bollywood starlet)!"

He looked at me perplexed. I continued and said, "I feel an unnatural
weight on my chest."

Thus my heart tried to spring me a surprise. So I surprised it with a
spring into my heart.

Now I walk with a spring in my step and one in my heart too!"

Kishore Shah

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I love this man's wit...

I do believe that there is nothing that can happen to us, that we cannot vanquish with a strong attitude....and a sense of humour!

I am sure it was this sense of humour and "take it easy" that has given him the spring in his feet now..


Agree with you!

I'm glad I could share it.

positive outlook and humor

Positive outlook and humour - what a combination - that too when on is in discomfort - shows the true nature of the person ! Hats off to Dr Kishore Shah

Re: positive outlook and humor

Agree with you.

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