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Web of Light..Mini Forest, 190111

When I go for my morning walk around the Mini Forest, it's often dark, and so it's easy to see the magic of the cobwebs that the spiders spin, to catch the insects that are drawn to the light....

light web 190111 mf

That's the way the web starts...on some lamps, the creation is quite impressive:

cobweb   down 190111 mf

In the dark, the filaments of the web seem to be made of light themselves....a light-trap, to catch the unwary, that the predators build of gossamer....just look at the strength of the web, that can trap so much debris and hold it up without breaking!

cobweb full 190111

Post dedicated to Vittal, the Spider-Man...
Tags: bangalore, j p nagar, mini forest, night, photography, spider, web

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