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Mist in the morning = missed in the evening!

We'd specifically booked by the am flight to Delhi (which meant leaving home at 4am) to ensure that we could drive down to Bharatpur and do an evening birding session...alas, the best-laid plans of mice and men!

We got into the plane, and stayed on the tarmac till 7.30am...and reached Bharatput too late to do anything...

But a lot of goood bird-sightings made up for it all, and a great dhaba lunch of Alu and Missi Paratha dripping with ghee, piping hot!


Crane, Sarus
Kite, Black-winged
Pigeon, Yellow-footed Green...a whole flock landing on a roadside tree
Roller, Indian
Stilts, Black-winged
Vulture, Egyptian ....several sighted overhead as we drove...

The Udaivilas Hotel is quite comfortable, but some plug points don't work, and food is a little slow, and rather overpriced.

More when I can pinch KM's Reliance card again...
Tags: birding, delhi, hotel, indian institute of science, travel

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