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With Carbon (C) and Nitrogen (N),07 and 080211

It's been a busy couple of days, with idahoswede and kejn buying the sarees and salwar-kameez that they wanted (their tastes differ!) and then giving the orders to the tailors, mentioning about eighteen thousand times (and paying fairly heavy charges) to ensure that everything is picked up by today evening!

Here are Carolyn and Nina, photographing the Vidya Ganapati temple close to my home:

jpngr gnsh tmple 070211

I've been taking them everywhere by bus, and they've been (I think) enjoying it! Here they are, in front of the Jayanagar Shopping Complex:

jngr cmplx 070211 c n

And here's each of them, getting measured by the tailor:

n gtng msrd 070211

Is Nina looking amused, or apprehensive?

c gtng msrd  070211

I caught them in the bright light, and deep shadows, looking up at the Jain Mandir:

jn mndr 070211 c and n

And yesterday evening, THEY took US out to dinner at Barbeque Nation:

bbq ntn 070211

But in spite of that, my ankle, C's hip, and all...we managed to get in a Lalbagh walk this coming up!

I'm still having difficulties transferring photos from KM's laptop to this tablet (because the hard disk is already full with his older photos) so the Chambal River posts will have to wait a bit...
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