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Arti for the Ganga, Haridwar

We went to Haridwar to meet

Tandon Uncle

he's fought his way successfully through the gigantic waves of "bhav sAgar" (world ocean) and now lives a life of detachment and devotion, at the Akhandasharam in Haridwar:

t uncle 310111

Having faced all sorts of adversity in his life, he is a tower of strength, and is a kind of substitute elder-brother/father figure to us....and with him at the Ashram, steeping herself in devotion to Gangaji, is his wonderful mother, whom we only know as


dadda 310111

She's well over 90, and as chirpy as a sparrow, and though I hope to be like her if I reach her age, I know I will never come close. I've written about her



One of the highlights of Haridwar is the evening arati offered to Mother Ganga. We travelled to Har Ki Pauri ghat, crossing the statue of Shiva in the evening light:

sunset with shiva 310111

As we crossed over the bridge, I saw gulls wheeling overhead:

gulls over ganga

Devotees buy these stitched-together leaf-containers of flowers, and camphor, to be floated on the river in act of worship:

buying leaf-bowl

Sometimes the "leaf-bowls" are really large!

lrg bowl 310111

Everyone settles down on the far bank to watch the arti across the river,and capitalism rules, as everything, from newspapers to sit on, to space to sit on, is sold!

stng to wtch arti 310111

Here is one of the several shrines across the river:

shrine across ganga

Here is the shrine to Ganga...Ganga mandir:

ganga mandir 310111

The showing of the flames of the Arti begins:

arti begins

Dadda told me that it started with three artis being shown;now there are 21. Here they are, in a line, on the river bank:

all 21 artis hrdwar 310111

After the Arti, Uncle took us to the market area, and I loved the sight of such a variety of puja (worship) items in this shop:

vrty pja itms hrdwr 310111

Sindoor is also sold, and is piled up in the shops:

sindr pile hrdwar 310111

I forgot to photograph the poori-bhaji that Uncle took us to eat in this very special shop, called "Mathura valon ki pracheen dookan" (ancient shop of those from Mathura)

mthra vln ki prchn dkn 310111 hrdwr

...but I managed to click the stitched-leaf plate, and the pressed-leaf bowl, afterwards!

stched leaves 310111

This post is dedicated to itsalouwelylife who MUST visit the shop when she goes to Haridwar to visit her father and grandmother!

For all the photos, go to my Facebook

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