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Can you spot the world-famous landmark?

I'm sure all of you are tired of seeing the artistic, wonderful photographs of world-famous landmarks....tarantaraaa, ladies and gen'mun, here are the DM SMS of one of them!

Can you spot the landmark here? If so...votzit?

famous lndmrk 260111

Well, did you spot it? If not, here a slightly closer zoom:

taj view 260111

and if you're still stuck, here's more:

taj closer 260111

This unique view of the Taj was given to us by our driver,Gajendra Singh, when we were too late to actually go up to the Taj; so he promised us that we'd see it. And when he stopped the car over a "nAlA" (sewage canal)...we realized that we'd got a view few others are ever likely to get!

A little later, I also spotted this "Live Show" advertisement...what does the live show consist of, I wonder!

taj live show 260111

Tags: driving, humour, india, landmarks, photography, travel

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