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The Rabdi Shop

As we passed Agra, our driver, Gajendra Singh, told us about a shop where the


was excellent.

How could we resist that? Here's where we stopped:

near agra rabdi shop 260111

The shop doesn't seem to have a name, but it's a nice large one:

rabdi shop inside 260111

At the shop,


were also being made, you can see the wheat flour being rolled out and shaped into Indian pyramids!

smsas in rabdi shop 260111

I was impressed by this technical innovation to make the fire burn exhaust fan, incorporated into the mud stove!

exhst fn 260111

Here's the rabdi itself, being made slowly in that large kaDHAi (our wok)....

rabdi being made 260111

We liked the rabdi as it was not over-sweet the way it sometimes can be.

It was served in little bowls made of pressed-leaves and old juice containers...surely great recycling!

rabdi 260111

The rabdi was truly delicious, and my somewhat-tight jeans are an attestation to that!

I must get idahoswede and kejn some rabdi (or its Kannada equivalent) when they come back tomorrow...they've been having a gala time in the forests of Karnataka, and then meeting premkudva.

I've posted a video on the making of jalebis


Ah, our sweets....slurp!
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