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An auntie I like....

The arrival of shortindiangirl and biddli was delayed by a day, due to various flight delay and baggage issues. Now, I'm getting ready to drive down to Chennai to receive them. The flight will (hopefully) land in the last few minutes of the day, and the first few minutes of tomorrow will see me holding my dearest ones close...

Funny lady, Auntie Cipation. She's at her best before the event actually happens. She fills your heart with happiness and eager expectation. She's over and done with the minute the event occurs...and after that, it's just a wild roller-coaster ride of do this, see that, meet x,y, and z...and before one can catch a breath, the moment of separation, as they prepare to go back, is upon me.....

I almost like the time before their arrival better than the time OF their arrival.

Well prepared for KTB photographs...whether you want them or not!
Tags: bangalore, chennai, daughter, expecting, families, grand, love, st louis

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