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The problem about remembering/forgetting birthdays is...

I just read the comments I got about remembering birthdays....and the problem isn't as simple as just forgetting. There are SOME friends whose birthdays I always seem to remember and to whom I send good wishes; these friends always go around singing my praises about how I never forget and how good a friend I am ...and Murphy's Law mandates that these praises are sung in the presence of the friends whose b'days/ anniversaries I have just forgotten. Thus giving the  forgotten-special-day  friends the impression that I don't care for them.

One of the friends whom I wrote about set my mind at rest, when I called her and wished her a little while ago, by saying that she remembered it was her birthday only when her daughter called at about 2.30 pm!

I do do use Yahoo calendar for some dates; but recently my dialup id got suspended for no fault of my own, and all reminders go to that id.....will check out

which someone has told me about.

So...between a fallible memory and an even more fallible ISP....bad scene of selective forgetfulness!

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