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Some more signs...

On our way around Mathigiri,and Denkanikotta, I spotted a lot of interesting stuff....

Not only are some people willing to arrange your wedding for you, they are also willing to keep your marriage going, so if you want a marriage designer...

marriage designer 190311

Would you like a word for your milk?

flaword milk 190311

I never got to finding out how they parcel tea and coffee:

parcel  tea dkotta 190311

Once again, I marvelled at the need to put up news of marriages and deaths on the public highway:

dth pster 190311

Finally, here's a god that most of us propitiate regularly:

tv ka god athibele 180311

Having an MLC is an undiluted delight!
Tags: hosur road, humour, photography, signboard, tamil

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