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Watching old movie videos...

I know that it is the lovely music that makes me go to Youtube to revisit old hits....but since I was (and am not) a regular movie-goer, I'd never seen most of the movies that these songs are from, and so I also like to see the visual part of the song.

Sometimes, the stunning beauty of the actresses (I refuse to call them actors) is lovely to watch...Sharmila Tagore in "Tareef karoon ka uski", Waheeda in "Chaudvin ka chand" are two examples that come to mind.

But more often, it's a study in contrasts....because I've seen some movie where the actor or actress has acted, many years later...and it's funny to watch, say, Dev Anand or Rajanikant when they had hair....Savitri when she had waist....and when all of them had only one chin each.

On the minus side, it shows me how fleeting physical beauty is, and on the plus side, I marvel at the staying power of some of our movie stars...Rajni, for example, is going great guns, wig and all!

Another thing I love to see is the fashions of yesteryear....mostly (especially in the matter of trouser widths and shirt collars!) ridiculous, but sometimes, quite timeless and lovely. I notice that even as recently as fifteen years ago, actresses only wore sarees in song's almost impossible to see the saree now on a young star...or even a salwar kameez.

I've been putting various clips on my Facebook page, and I find that I get a lot of interesting information, too.

Here's a sample of a song I love:

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