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Sun Kola
While we were waiting interminably (3pm to 5.30pm!) for a bus from Dadigal village to Denkanikotta on Saturday, Geetanjali decided to try out a "local" drink...

sun kola 190311

Notice how proudly the bottle announces that it is a "product of the Coca Cola company"...I doubt very much if Coca Cola have ever heard of Sun Kola!

Kola (koLA) in Kannada also means sun pond...well, it tasted of grapes, and did quench the thirst for a while, I guess!

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They even use the classic Coca Cola script on the bottle!
Copyright infringement?

Copyright? what's THAT! :)

I have an idea as to how they managed to get the 'Classic Coca Cola' script. It IS a Coca Cola bottle (or more likely a bottle of an associate brand of Coca Cola, like Thums Up or Fanta) They have bothered to only print their own local brandname atop the Coca Cola brand logo, while leaving the 'Product of' line untouched! Ingenious!

Ah, I didn't think of all that, PC! :)

You're probably right. I never thought of that!

Ooh, I like knowing the meaning of kola in Kannada!

The Sun Kola people have obviously done what I did when I made my bag of Anubis flour--taken advantage of the presence of another company's packaging :-)

Two-and-a-half hours is a long wait -_-


The 2.5 hour wait was because the next bus at 4pm..just never showed up! That's the way it often is. I beguiled my time talking to the man who owned the shop, and his pretty daughter-in-law, who came with her (second) 1.5 year old son to keep shop while her father in law walked across the road to their home (probably for an afternoon siesta.) I watched a constant stream of people come to buy small things, and it was quite interesting. Geetanjali had a nap, and finally, I too stretched out on the floor of the front porch until the bus finally came!

Oh, I love talking with people in situations like that--and, once you're resigned to the wait, it can be quite pleasant (so long as the people are pleasant). I can just imagine the man and his daughter-in-law and her son. And I can even imagine stretching out to take that nap in the late afternoon :-)

It certainly whiled away the time in a pleasant way!

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