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Proud as, two....

pccks chmbl 270111

What do peacocks themselves
Think of the way humans dress?
We'll have to guess at thoughts
That they cannot express...

Do they think, I wonder,
That coloured clothes are over-rated?
Or do they, on the other hand
Think them under-stated?

What do they feel
When their own tails fall off?
Do they pursue their romances
Or think that they'll call off?

Are they proud as peacocks
When they can flaunt their tails?
Does their pride take a beating
When the feather-train falls off, and fails?

Or are the peacocks wiser than us?
Do they know that a really good person
Is about being good, not looking good...
That beauty can spoil, and ugliness worsen?
Tags: colours, good looks, musing, peacock, photography, thoughts, verse

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