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Nimishamba Temple, and Ranganathittu, 290311

Yesterday, thanks to


I went to visit the

Nimishamba temple

in the village of Ganjam, 2 km from Srirangapatna. It was a lovely visit, to a temple peacefully set on the banks of the Kaveri.

As photography inside the main temple is banned, I could click only these deities in the outer "prAkAram"...but look at the beautiful way they have been adorned!

Here's Ganesha:

vinayaka nmshmba tmpl 290311

and here's Anjaneya or Hanuman:

anjnya nmshmba tmpl 290311

More photographs, and a short account, are


Here is the gopura of the temple, smiling in the sunshine:

nmshmba tmpl gprm 290311

The visit,and the trip to Ranganathittu, were wonderful and could not be blighted by the loss of my mobile phone early in the morning!

FB and LJ are together making it easier for me to migrate; one by easing my posting, and the other, by making it difficult...I was trying to post this yesterday, and wa not been able to post to LJ the entire evening! I wasn't able to see my friends' posts, either.
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