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Many years ago, KM's brother bought us two books, where unexpected 3-D images would "pop" out of the printed mass of patterns on the page.

You can see one such image in the Wiki about autostereograms,


I suddenly thought of them now when thinking about the Spinning Dancer illusion, and I decided to...what for them.

If you have not "seen" an autostereogram before, there is a technique to it. What works for me is seeing "into" the page, focusing just beyond the printed pattern; quite suddenly, the hidden picture comes into three-dimensional view against the background. Sometimes, though, the hidden picture can be "set into" what becomes the foreground.


are a series of these images....I intend to have fun for a while....I hope you do, too! Alas, a few of my friends were never able to "see" the hidden picture..I hope you are not among that number!
Tags: interesting, pattern, unusual

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