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I've volunteered.....

I read in Citizen Matters about

volunteering for Bus Day

instead of the usual 4th of the month, in April it seems to be on the 8th, and so,

I volunteered

Well, Girija of BMTC has asked me to be at East End (there are two different bus stops there, wonder what I should do!)....from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

Let me see how many "ministers, officers and other celebrities" take the bus....and how many I can "help" at East End.

I am generally tickled that these "notables" need "help" to travel by bus for ONE day....who helps the members of the Mango Public (Aam Janta) who travel this way every day, without any fuss?

The celebrities are supposed to be "leading by example" can someone lead when thousands of people are already doing something, I wonder!

Oh, well, some effort on the part of the "celebrities" is better than nothing, I guess...will update on this later.
Tags: bangalore, bus, citizen matters, politicians, transportation, travel, volunteers

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