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Frogs and toads...their new scientific names are quite horrific. Gone are the simple old days of Rana and Bufo. Now, Seshadri the Frogman informs me.... there are names like Fejervarya, Philautus which is now Raorchestes.....! and then, he says, there is Nasikabatrachus (nasika=nose batracha=frog meaning pig nosed frog!)

A pig-nosed frog must be a real beauty...

Please note the scientific names in the illustration below, what sort of scientist do you think thought them up?

Here's a

SKITTER FROG (Euphlyctis, possibly Cyanophlyctis)

Skitter Frog (Euphlyctis, possibly Cyanophlyctis).

and here's a

CRICKET FROG (Fejervarya sp)...

Cricket Frog (Fejervarya sp)

no, it wasn't called that because we were having the World Cup Final the next day!
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