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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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One of the pleasures of the summer is certainly....mangoes! From the most unripe to the most ripe, we can enjoy mangoes in a variety of ways...and with unripe mangoes, we can make a variety of pickles.

It suddenly occurred to me that right now, I've got three different mango pickles in my kitchen...all home-made!

When the mangoes are tiny, they are called (in Tamizh)...mA vadu. This particular pickle is made by a process where the juices of the tiny mangoes flow out with the salt in which they are soaked. With proper preparation and storage (and frequent "shaking up"), this pickle can last for a year or so. I no longer have the ceramic "jAdi" in which pickles are traditionally stored, but here's my photo of "mAvadu":

mAvadu 190411

When they are slightly larger, but yet without hard stones, mangoes can be chopped small, and made into "menthiya mAngAi". This pickle also uses roasted and ground fenugreek seeds, as well as asafoetida. This pickle does not have a long life, but will keep in the fridge for a few days (the mango pieces lose their crunchiness after this.) Here's menthiya mAngAi:

menthiya mAngAi 190411

Larger mangoes, with hard stones, cannot be cut at home, usually; the shopkeeper cuts them into largish pieces, and they are made into "AvakkAi"...a pickle that originates in the Andhra region. This, too, can keep for a year or so. Here's AvakkAi:

Avakkai 190411

I also wanted to photograph the ripe Alphonso mangoes that KM had bought (the first and, alas, the most expensive, of the season!) but I realized that they were already eaten, too! Will wait for the next lot.

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I think it was that last one that Nina and I both enjoyed so much.

Oh, yes...but that was store-bought (though it was made in the Andhra region...and excellent, too!).

I do like magoes "as is" but your mango pickles look SO GOOD!

Well...raw mangoes are too sour to be eaten as is....they at least need to be dipped in salt. It's ripe mangoes that I, too, can't bear to turn into juices and desserts, when they are wonderful as they are!

Yes, my pickles are my strong point in the kitchen :)

Yes, I meant ripe mangoes. I love those!

Mangoes, Yes!!! My mouth waters! I miss summers with mangoes, so much!

Yummy looking pickles!

last year, and the year before that, I too missed the mangoes a lot :)

These make my mouth water! So delicious seeming.

I picked up a recipe for a mango salsa and made it the other day with a rather unripe mango. Meanwhile, another mango is ripening--I will try the salsa again (it was good with the unripe mango, but I think it will be better with a ripe one).

Oh, I didn't know salsa was made with mangoes, too. We have some preparations that we make with semi-ripe mangoes (eg mango chutney).

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