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Durga on the Lion...

Durga, the slayer of the Buffalo-demon, Mahishasura, appears astride a lion:

ktb at llbgh 060311

If you don't want to see more photos of KTB, just pass on...but if you do, here she is:

dechu's dog and ktb 070311

We visited G and R and they, and their garden, delighted her:

gr and ktb 080311

avr and gdn hose 080311

avr km and ktb 080311

Her mother visited another friend and this is her son:

ktb and gayu's son 040311

ktb and gayu's son 040311

and when we visited Lalbagh, amoghavarsha entertained her:

ktb and ajs pshchr llbgh 060311

ajs and ktb llbagh 060311

And..when I love someone, I confer nicknames on them. She started as "Eli", became "Biddly", then GD, then "The Biddles" (well, that's KTB...Kavya-The-Biddles!) , then "Boodi" and is now "Beedool" (how horrible!) which I suppose is a corruption of "Biddle"...I'll be spending a couple of months with her, soon, and I wonder what other nicknames are going to appearing!

Tags: babies, bangalore, daughter, families, friends, grand, lalbagh, photography, visit

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