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Urdu Verse....

Unki gali se guzre..ajeeb ittefaq tha
Unho ne phool phenka..gamla bhi saath tha.

(Went past her home..she threw a flower...along with the flowerpot.)

Tumko dekha to ek khyal aaya
Tumhari saheli ko dekha to doosra khyal aaya

(When I saw you, a thought occurred to me...when I saw your friend, another thought occurred to me.)

Na woh inkaar karti hai
Na woh ikraar karti hai
KAMBAKHT mere hi sapno mein aakar
Mere dost se pyaar karti hai

She doesn't reject me, she doesn't accept me, the awful girl comes in my dreams and loves my friend.

Jab Jab ghire Baadal, Teri Yaad aayi
Jhoom ke barsa Saawan, Teri Yaad aayi
Bheega main,lekin phir bhi teri Yaad aayi
Kyon na aaye teri yaad?
Tune meri chatri ab tak nahi lautai

When the clouds loomed, I remembered you....when the monsoons poured, I thought of you...I was drenched, and yet I thought of you. Why? You haven't returned my umbrella.

Unki gali ke chakkar kaat kaat kar,
Kutte bhi hamare yaar ho gaye,
Wo to hamare ho na sake,
Hum kutton ke sardar ho gaye...

Haunting the roads where she lives, even the street dogs became my friend. She could not be mine, but I became a Master of the Hounds.

haseen tum ho to bure hum bi nahi,
mahalo mein tum ho to sadak par hum bhi nahi,
pyar karke kehte ho shaadi shuda ho,
kaan kholkar sunlo, kunware hum bhi nahi

If you are beautiful, I'm not ugly, either;
If you live in palaces, I'm not on the streets, either.
First you love me, then you say you are married...
Listen...I am not a *ahem* very young boy, either.

Macchar ne jo kata...
dil main mere junoon tha.
Khujli hui itni
dil besukoon tha.
Pakada to chod diya yeh soch kar ki....
sale ki ragon main apna hi khoon tha

When the mosquito bit me,
My heart went crazy.
There was so much itching
That I was irritated.
But when I caught the mosquito, I let it go, thinking...
the SOB has my blood flowing in its body.

Aaj dildar, kal yaar, parso pyar, phir ekrar, aur phir-intzar,
phir-takrar, phir-darar, saari mehnat-bekar,
aur akhir mein Ek aur Devdas at a beer bar

Today, a friend, tomorrow, a dear friend, day after tomorrow, love, then acceptance, then waiting...then conflict, war, all the work gone waste...and at the end, another Devdas (jilted lover) at a beer bar.

tere dar pe sanam hazar baar ayengey,
Ghanti bajayengey aur bhaag jayengey

I'll come to you a thousand times....
Ring the bell, and run away.

Duniya mein bewafaon ki kami nahin hai.
Ab suraj ko hi dekh lo-
Aata hai Usha ke saath,
Rehta hai Kiran ke saath,
Aur jaata hai Sandhya ke saath

The world has no dearth of traitors.
See Suraj (the sun)...comes with Usha, stays with Kiran, and goes with Sandhya.

And a last one in English, for birders:

Little birdie in the sky,
You look up and it shits in your eye.
You don't mind and you don't cry,
You just thank God that cows don't fly
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