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Lovely, light-hearted song...

Thank you inspirethoughts for posting this.

One of my favourites....I love "every day" heroes and heroines, and their stories, in such films.

Jaaneman jaaneman tere do nayan
Chori chori leke gaye dekho mera man
Jaaneman jaaneman jaaneman
Mere do nayan, chor nahi sajan
Tumse hi khoya hoga kahi tumhaara man
Jaaneman jaaneman jaaneman

Tod de dilo ki doori, aisi kya hai majboori
Dil dil se milne de
Jaa, abhi to huwi hai yaari, abhi se hi beqaraari
Din to zara dhhalne de
Yahi sunte, samajhte, guzar gaye jaane kitne hi saawan

Sang sang chale mere, maare aage peechhe phere
Samjhu main tere iraade
Doshh tera hai ye to, har din jab dekho
Karti ho jhoothhe waade
Tu na jaane, diwaane, dikhaau tujhe kaise main ye dil ki lagan

Chhedenge kabhi na tumhe, zara batlaado hame,
Kab tak ham tarsenge
Aise ghabhraao nahi, kabhi to kahi na kahi
Baadal ye barsenge
Kya karenge baraske, ke jab murjhaayega ye saara chaman

Light-hearted banter between the man and woman:

My beloved...see, your two eyes
Have stolen my heart away!

My two eyes are not thieves, my love!
You must have lost your heart by yourself.

Destroy this distance between our hearts...what's the necessity for it?
Let the hearts unite!

We've just fallen in love, why this impatience?
Let a little time go by....

You ome with me, and keep looking around,
May I understand your intentions?

This is your fault, you are always
Making false promises!

You don't know, you madman, how do I show you my heart's affection!

I won't tease you any more..but tell me
How long should I suffer?

Don't worry so...somewhere, some time,
These clouds will melt into rain

What is the use of their raining when the whole garden has withered?
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