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premkudva posted this about his daughter visiting the dentist:

"Astute Observation: "I am not scared, but my feet are!"
Kavya, to our dentist Dr Sanjay S Nayak when he asked her why her feet were shaking [prior to a scheduled extraction]."

The dentist, obviously a family friend as well, explained:

"I realised the ac was directed onto her feet heheh."

The dentist remarked that Prem's wife Suchitra "had scheduled the appointment for Friday the 13th, for reasons best known to her...maybe that was her way of making the dentist look like the Satan from Hell."

Prem added, about his elder daughter:

"Our older daughter poor thing had egg on her face in 1st std regarding the tooth fairy. She'd told her friends about the shiny Rs 5 coin that was left for the tooth kept under the pillow. Except that the tooth fairy did not visit her friends houses due to ignorance;-) So by the time the 5th tooth was out she told us that the fairy was a story;-)"

I could not resist adding my definition of a dentist to the thread:

One who reaches into your mouth with those dread-inducing instruments, and skilfully extracts the contents of your purse.

My daughter, in the Good Old Days, when she found that she was getting Re.1 and her Canadian cousin was getting $1, wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy asking for a dollar too. The Tooth Fairy replied, saying that only the currency of the country she found the tooth in, would be given...and asking the letter-writer not to be greedy :)

The Tooth Fairy STILL has all the tiny teeth of that little girl who got her first lesson in Foreign Exchange through her ivories!
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