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A morning with the Spotted Owlets....

It was an NTP outing.... I accompanied Radha and Shreeram to Lalbagh this morning.

We did see a lot of interesting things,but I want to first share our morning tryst with One,Two, and Three...the Spotted Owlets!

sowlt 1 130511

We saw One first, on the Jacaranda tree...

swolet 2  130511 lb

Left and right, went the poses.

The Two flew into the hole in the tree-trunk (probably it is a nest)

owlt hole 1 130511 lb

From there, we got several looks:


Then the two flew up to sit side by side, though, of course, one of them was mooning us:

two owlts frnt back b 130511

Then both decided to be rude:

two owlts bk view lb 130511

But they were happy together, preening each other:

two owlts prng  b 130511

So of course, we circled round the tree to get a better view:

last photo owlt lb 130511

They looked adorable:

two owlets in shade lb 130511

How much can one bend its head?

owltsyoga lb 130511

Then THREE also appeared, sitting on a branch:

third owlt lb 130511

We left them to themselves, very reluctantly indeed, these little feather-balls!

awk aslp lb 130511

More pics on Facebook,

Tags: bangalore, birding, lalbagh, ntp, owl, photography

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