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Two Years Old....

The photographs of KTB were sent by the other grandmother, who's called "Nanna" and who lives in Portland, Maine. The grandparents had come over for her second birth anniversary (I had been there the previous two April 29's!) and I enjoyed the photographs they sent...

You can see that KTB is developing into a balanced personality...

ktb balance 290411

Here she is, having birthday jelly with a little help!

b'day jelly 290411

She enjoys reading, whether with her dad...

ds and kms  rding 290411

Or by herself.

ktbsnflrws 290411

...You can see why she's called "Hurricane Hair"!

She enjoys wearing Indian clothes and bangles...

lhnga bngls 290411

...and also a tutu and a headband, which was her uncle and aunt's (DS' brother and sister in law) birthday gift to her:

tutu hdbnd 290411

The TV behind her says, "baby hindustan" which was actually the name of a Morris Minor car! But then, KTB is half-a-hindustani baby!

Here's her mother showing her a photograph of a ballerina on the laptop, though why the mother is looking so pained, I can't say.

tutu hdband AM 290411

She loves being with her Granddad :

js and ktb 290411

And it's lovely to have a threesome photograph, under a convenient horse!

a,d, k undr horse 290411

Off to Kabini for two days... see you folks on Monday!
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