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Hardly any time...

Had to go to Chennai for some Orrible Essential Paperwork and got back just now. My laptop was not able to pick up on the cable internet in Chennai.

So of course...let me turn my back on LJ for just a couple of days and all you lot will post the most incredible variety of posts....I just sort of went through the posts. idahoswede and pondhopper in particular....enjoyed your posts...just tooooooo tired to comment...

To go one evening to a hot, humid place, spend the next morning in a government office, and drive down through the awful, no-highway-discipline traffic in the NOT my idea of fun!

Actually Chennai wasn't as bad as I expected. But in the Govt office, I was highly tickled to see a sign painted over the door...."Bribery is against the law". I just *loved* those ironic quotation marks!

Of course an unreasonable demand was made for "services rendered" and we toned it down...but Anna Hazare would have wept.'s the One And Only Whoever He is (I refuse to believe that a woman would put up that sticker!) on his way through the traffic...

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