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Small pleasures

Life consists of small,unexpected pleasures. udhay had told me about a restaurant near our place, and we decided to check it out for lunch yesterday...and who do we meet, but Udhay himself, with his beautiful wife and delightful daughter! We persuaded them to come back in and keep us company while we ate. (The restaurant is called Spice Up and though it looks like a casual eatery, the food is pretty good.)

Apsara is a real delight. One can see the intelligence gleam out of her eyes. She is *thinking* when she looks at you. She enthralled Mohan by going to him immediately, which most children don't do, much to his chagrin. She smiled at us, wanted to be let loose, tried to eat the crockery and cutlery...and in general, enchanted us!

I am NOT a maternal fact, I have never really regretted having just one child...but children (especially in small doses, when fed and clothed!) are SO delightful!
Tags: children, restaurant, spice up, udhay

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