deponti (deponti) wrote,

Suddenly realized...... :)

Thomas Marklin

of Switzerland had emailed me on


last year, and asked if he could use my images and videos of the

Yellow-thighed Tarantula

that I took in Kabini.

I said, yes, of course, and forgot all about it, and just now when I went to the INW inbox for some other message (someone is asking if he can use my image of the


click here for the image


I suddenly decided to see if Thomas Marklin had used the Shieldtail image after all...and he has!

here's the entry

Hopefully, now, my picture of the Shieldtail will be used in a Gujrati book on snakes :)

I am highly tickled that a greenhorn naturalist and greener-horn photographer should have her images being used by others!
Tags: bannerghatta, happiness, karnataka, photography, snake, spiders, usage, video, wildlife

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