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Des Peres Creek and my first (lousy) photograph of the Mink...

Since that's about the only useful thing I do all day (I don't want to tell you about my cooking and the laundry!)...let me take you on this morning's walk to Forest Park and the short stint at the Des Peres creek....

Let me first show you the gold of the mist, that rose up off the water, in the morning sunlight:

The morning light lit up the wildlfower's lacy pattern:

lcy wldflwr fp 160611

And gilded the mist on the water.

mst dp crk fp 160611

I was able to get a quick shot of the


mother, sliding through the creek:

mink fp 160611

I whiled away a little time there, but soon the sun told me it was time to return home:

sun star fp 160611

On the way back, I watched a


peck in the rock crevices for insects:

flckr on rk fp 160611

While a


mother brought her sunlit goslings to the shore:

cnd gs gslngs fp 160611

On the lawns of historic houses, lawn sprinklers seemed to spray light instead of water:

lwn sprnklr fp 160611

At the Fire Station, a young firefighter ran up the Stars and Stripes:

rng up flg fp 160611

Of course I had to document the time, date and temperature!

flg fr stn fp 160611

But the image that opened my walk was the sight of the full moon setting across from our home:

full mn fp 160611

I missed the lunar eclipse in India; it was, apparently, spectacular!

With this kind of walk every morning, is it any wonder that I am happy throughout the rest of the day?
Tags: birding, forest, happiness, light, mammals, moon, nature, photography, river, scenery, st louis, sunrise, video, walk, water

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